And you are?
My name is Tommy Weir, a filmmaker based in the North West of Ireland. Along the way I've bumped into various creative practices from curating in fine art, publishing books, marketing for theatre, project managing in design, through to becoming a film producer and dipping my feet into app development. In each of these I've worked as a creative producer, a term whose meaning seems to shift each day.

So… why the name?
Tiny Planet was the name of my first company based in New York during the early to mid-Nineties.

It was a name responding to the fact that the world was getting increasingly smaller. I saw technology as a principal driver of that. One of the images above is a map of the world showing a graphic representation of early internet activity across the globe by Stephen Eick of Bell Labs. It was plotted in 1993, God knows what it would look like now. The rest of the images are early attempts to visually represent internet activity, initially compiled by Martin Dodge in the now sadly quiet Mappa Mundi.

The visualisations seem to becoming increasingly organic whatever it may in fact actually become. This field strikes me as the key activity of our time, whatever it is we are in the process of making right now. Technology had kicked off this process earlier in the eighties with the arrival of satellite television and global events such as Live Aid. Now global events occur every day on the web, a common event as available to terrorists as it is to self-distributed feature film-makers

Later when it came to forming our new film production company over in Ireland, we discovered that the web address was used by someone else. So we went with a new identity, Janey Pictures. It is based on the old Dublin slang, janey mackers, which expresses a certain surprise, and the fact that we always used to call films in Ireland, the pictures. Some of us, in fact, still do.

I retained Tiny Planet as the name of my personal blog which has nothing to do with the company and is a mixum-gatherum of responses to technological advance particularly as it pertains to culture and creative media.

You might also catch the odd photograph of this tiny planet of ours here…

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