These are some printouts of my Keynote presentations in class. Hopefully you remember what I said... They cover an introduction to digital media, an introduction to the internet. I also include some brief tutorials on Powerpoint.
An introductory talk on the history of digital media
Covering primarily the World Wide Web on the Internet
A brief introduction to setting up a basic slideshow in 2007
For those of you with access to 2003 at home, this might be of use
Seth Godin gives tips for using Powerpoint
An introduction to different camera types
Our Library has many resources available to you, be sure to go through their site in detail,there's an impressive range of online journals and academic resources. Don't just rely on Google while preparing for your papers. Be sure check out their guide to Web Literacy.

Ignite videos of Ignite presentations
Ignite Ireland
Slideshare sharing presentations
Dick Hardt's interesting approach
Gary Reynold's Presentation Zen
Don McMillan on how not to use...